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State of Tangia
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"Τανγυα χό'ύμ!"
Tangian Night
The island of Tangia
State language: Ayu
Used languages: Ayu, other
Capital: Naratāi
Political system: federacja
Empress Γιύλ-Γιόα Καλιά (Yūl-Yōa Kaliā)
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Tangia in its region

        Tangia (Ay. Tangua/Τανγυα /'taŋwa/ "Tangua") oficially the State of Tangia (Ay. Teileā i Tangua/Τηλεά υ Τανγυα /'tejlea i 'taŋwa/), internally known rather as Tangua Hō’ūm/Τανγυα Χό'ύμ (ay. /'taŋwa hoːʔuːm/) - empire located on a large island south of Kyon's equator, west from its supercontinent. Known as the country of crossbows, the national ordinance, and lights, due to mass use of luminescent fluids collected from endemic animals (mainly amphibians) for production of light-emitting paint. Country known for its powerful navy and expansive behaviour towards oceanic countries. Inhabited by Tangians (Tanguarai/Τανγυαραι). It is located on the whole island bearing the same name (Nēimi i Tangua/Νήμι υ Τανγυα "Wyspa Tangia"), the Remote Isles Group, and colonies. Giant armadillos (glyptodonts) are native to the island.

Tangia is a highly developed country with great handle of writing, it is the largest supplier of paper and ink in its part of the world. Its metalwork is highly valued. The country grasped optics, protecting the gained knowledge about scopes and telescopes for itself. A police-state with army as the highest importance. Tangia has a huge naval force (called Takatōa), possibly the largest in the world, and it is close to invincible on the seas (only the Secht Confederation, in defence, twice sunk the Tangian navy). On land, Tangian army is also formiddable, albeit more developed countries can defeat it.

Tangia as a project is led by Canis. It is one of the first and founding countries of project Kyon.